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About Me

My name is Loni-Marie, I am a Wild and Free spirited horse lover and artist. Horses consume my thoughts during the day and run wild in my dreams at night! They are my spirit animal, faithful friend and the element which keeps me grounded.

I like to say I grew up on a farm, even though it wasn't my own, I certainly pretended it was! My loving, non-farming parents just so happen to live a few miles down the road from Livestock Stables, which was also Seldon's Dairy on Mercury Blvd. A livestock, horse boarding and trail riding operation run by Charlie Compton, a man who would be known as Hampton's Last Cowboy and my dear friend.

Charlie struck a deal with my parents as he did for many kids, ''If she works, she can ride''. That's all I needed to hear! I worked...and I rode...I was horse crazy right from the start.

The freedom of the farm provided the space I needed to discover the natural world of horses, animals, the beauty of nature and it's many elements. This is where the artist in me me was born. After doing my fair share of hard labor, I'm proud to say I'm  entering a new season of my life now, which is creating and sharing  my gifts to the world.

I am a horse loving artist of many mediums, photography, painting, leather work and creative design. You will see many custom creations here, such as dream catchers, which I love making for people using their  horses' hair. A unique gift and beautiful way to honor the relationship of many miles. All images are available for purchase in a variety of sizes, printable on many products for gifts and decorations.

Thank you for visiting my website and supporting my vision and new adventure. I would love to create something beautiful for you or someone you love!

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