Over the years


About My horsemanship

Considering I was raised in the city, I feel my childhood was pretty unique compared to my school mates because I spent most of my waking hours either on the back of a horse or caring for them on a farm,  I was drawn to horses from the very beginning of life and can't really imagine what life would be like without one for that matter.

It's very common to learn how to tell the horse where to go and how to get there before the human first learns how to simply go with the horse, which I feel is a bit backwards.

Luckily, I had lessons of a different sort. I learned how to just go with them and stay on first, which makes  learning how to direct a horse's speed and direction later a whole lot easier and prettier because you've already learned how to stay out of the horses' way by allowing freedom of movement.

 I will forever remember the words of a wise cowboy, ''Do it pretty'' because they were often the only words coming from his gentle voice after I had caused an avoidable wreck with a troubled horse. Although I've  been all over the U.S from coast to coast studying other people's methods of horsemanship while at the same time developing my own, those words have stuck with me more than anything else because they hold true for so many things in life.

It takes years to develop and discover what works for you and the horse you happen to find yourself with which is what I really love to see and help people find....their own way.....a way that feels good for both of you... DO IT PRETTY!


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